Connecting active duty military spouses and family members with small businesses.

The Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico has a large population of active duty military spouses and dependents. The Quantico Business Center (QBC) has designed a program to provide priority employment to active duty military spouses and family members residing on the MCB Quantico. Those who work at the QBC work from the comfort of their own homes and have flexible schedules. Working for QBC allows military spouses the opportunity to take stay home with their children while still being able to contribute financially. QBC provides the opportunity to fill in the resume gaps that a lot of military spouses have due to PCSing (moving) every few years. Want to work for the Quantico Business Center? Click the button below to apply now.


Hear from Quantico Business Center Employes

Another military spouse recruited me for the position with QBC. It did not take much to sell me on the position as it was everything, I was needing in regards to work while here at Quantico. As a military spouse, QBC has offered me a position where I can earn an income to help support my family while also being able to meet their daily needs. The schedule flexibility allows me to be able to work around events, my children’s school schedule, as well as deployments and trainings.

Caitlin Shotts

QBC Employee

Working remotely is very ideal for me. It gives me more time with my kids and to be there for their needs as well. It gives me some type of “routine”. I’m really thankful for this company and working remotely is the icing on top! Working for QBC gives us extra spending money. We have used my earnings for family vacations.

Melissa Alavarado

QBC Employee

QBC has allowed me to maintain employment and explore various possibilities for future employment while being able to enjoy my time at Quantico. I have assisted with research for technology companies and observed the implementation of starting a website from scratch. Being able to work remotely assists my family as child care can be overwhelming with an elementary school student and toddler at home.

Brooke Grossman

QBC Employee

Being a military spouse makes it hard to get and maintain a stable job. Working for the QBC has made my financial contribution to my family possible. Working at QBC gives me the flexibility to balance my job as a mom and wife while still allowing me to work. Being able to work remotely is great at this time as we go through a nationwide pandemic. It is especially convenient with my little ones doing virtual learning.

Isabel Parkins

QBC Employee